This site is in beta!

This website is in the final stages of its construction. But I have more important projects than my personal website, so I’m launching it early, to make the content available.

If you see something that doesn’t work, or have problems with the site – or if you want to contact me for other reasons, send me a message on Twitter or check out my Contact page.

Curtis Club Advisors, LLC

Art Curtis, the former CEO of Millennium Partners Sports Club Management (my employer, whose website I have also worked on), runs a consulting firm for fitness and wellness businesses around the country, and needed a completely rebuilt website as he looked to expand business. I built the website in WordPress, expandable and customizable, and based the custom Curti_s theme on the Underscores WordPress theme framework.

The intended look was conservative and professional, but warm, with small splashes of brighter color to add interest and break up the composition a bit. The page was designed on a visible column/grid layout, with the visual metaphor meant to emphasize the structure and planning provided by the LLC.

New comic!

First comic for Confused in over four years. That’s right! It’s not dead! It’s just been resting its eyes. Don’t worry, though, it’s just a little rant about sports. I just got a Cintiq; I’m trying to get back into the hang of purposeful, consistent drawing. Sketched this in Photoshop, “inked” it in Illustrator (fiddling with some of the path fitting settings partway through), brought it back to PS to color/letter it. Maybe that’s not the ideal workflow.

Hopefully as the sketching comes back, so will the comics, and eventually, the comedy. Bear with me.

Make the goal bigger

There are a million articles written about why soccer “isn’t succeeding in America” and what “needs to be done” about that, or simply about why the author in question doesn’t enjoy it (the use of newspaper columns as some sort of Livejournal is another issue entirely). It’s boring, it’s immature, it’s really not worth any adult’s time. But I enjoy Steve Davis’s writing, and his rebuttal today to a piece from Matt Zencey in Philadelphia had a great paragraph that summed the whole genre up very well:

Seriously, I could live 1,000 years and not fully understand why anyone devotes time, energy and effort to telling the rest of us why we should not like something.  Truth is, these dated and toxic discharges of anti-soccer venom aren’t for soccer fans. This is the fearful, anti-change faction of the Baby Boomer set, writing with wounded monotony in newspapers for the only people who still read newspapers: other Baby Boomers who like to believe that 1982 might just happen all over again.

So there you have it. Soccer is succeeding in the US, with or without your support. These are the last words I’ll devote to any of the whiners out there who wish I wouldn’t like it. 1


  1. Probably.


Me in a Revs JerseyJust a quick self-portrait-y cartoon I sketched the other day in celebration of the beginning of MLS’s season. Unfortunately, my New England Revolution has a bye this weekend, so I don’t get to pose like this for at least another week. I didn’t draw the sponsor logo (United Healthcare) on the front because I didn’t feel like it – it’s narrow white text and this was a quick sketch for fun.

Apparently from the draft archives: How Not To Write Comics Criticism

I found this quote pretty much alone in the “drafts” section of my WordPress dashboard, which means I probably saved it for later because I had a lot of stuff I wanted to say to back this up. But really, It’s pretty good on its own. You should read the article too. It’s great. From Dylan Meconis:

If you pick up a comic book and you don’t like it – think first “this is probably a bad comic book.” Not “comic books are probably bad.” Can you imagine if a professional acquaintance of yours grabbed a novel at random from the Goodwill book bin and judged all of literature by it?