Curtis Club Advisors, LLC

Art Curtis, the former CEO of Millennium Partners Sports Club Management (my employer, whose website I have also worked on), runs a consulting firm for fitness and wellness businesses around the country, and needed a completely rebuilt website as he looked to expand business. I built the website in WordPress, expandable and customizable, and based the custom Curti_s theme on the Underscores WordPress theme framework.

The intended look was conservative and professional, but warm, with small splashes of brighter color to add interest and break up the composition a bit. The page was designed on a visible column/grid layout, with the visual metaphor meant to emphasize the structure and planning provided by the LLC.

Parker’s Boatyard

I worked closely with Parker’s Boatyard to design and build a fully-customizable, WordPress-based, website that could be updated and modified at the press of a button. The aesthetic was based on the traditional nautical design elements of the boatyard and its clients.

On Monday night I launched another website – this one was a freelance project for a salon in York, Maine. Much of the work was done for this one a while back, but it was the final details that delayed this for a while. It’s good to get it out the door and have the clients able to take advantage of their new fully-Wordpress-integrated site.

I launched a website for the company I work for on Saturday night. This was a collaborative effort in-house and with an external company, but I’m pretty proud to say a lot of what you see – the images, responsive CSS, HTML, and JS functionality especially – is my handiwork.



Con*fused is a webcomic I started when I was fifteen. I don’t update it much anymore, but I haven’t officially abandoned it yet, either. I post new comics when I have a worthwhile new idea. There are some funny things in the archives, I think, and it’s also interesting to see how much my drawing ability changed over the course of the years where I was working on Con*fused the most.

DICK! all outta luck

DICK was my senior project at SCAD. Everything, from character design and storyboarding, through modeling, texturing, animation, post-production and sound design (even the music) was done by me over the course of two quarters. I won’t make excuses for its shortcomings, but I’m still proud of what I managed to accomplish single-handedly.