Ben Saufley

Engineering Leader


Audiobook Catalog

A Docker image intended for use with Unraid providing a UI for viewing and managing audiobooks. I listen to a lot of audiobooks, from many sources, and I have a pretty large library, so this was a pet project to allow me to see them all in one place while at home, and download them directly to my phone as I wanted. It’s a work in progress that will also include things like “to read”/“read” and genre sorting.

Midnight Riders Member Portal

The Midnight Riders are a supporters group for the New England Revolution, and a 501(c)(3)/(7) charitable organization to boot, doing good work in the New England area for a number of great causes through the year. I’ve been the Web Chair for the organization for a few years now, and in the process have built a Rails application for member sign-up and administration, as well as for a few interactive features, like Pick ’Em (pick the MLS results for the week), “Rev Guess” (guess the score of the next Revs game), and Man of the Match voting. Unfortunately, most of these features are behind a login, but hey – it’s only $20 to become a member!

For more, including new projects, very old projects, half-started projects, and open source contributions, check out my GitHub.