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Engineering Leader

New Site

My previous site was built in Wordpress and hadn’t been updated for, really, a number of years. In the meantime I’ve been hard at work on my career, freelance work, and a bunch of side projects. The first step to updating all that is to get something more workable, so I put together this site. It’ll get spruced up soon, and have its backlog of posts filled out soon from the Wordpress export, but right now it’s pretty bare-bones.

If you’re here now, take a look at the contact and résumé pages, and check out my GitHub for projects like this website and more. Those projects, as well, will get some introduction on this site sometime soon.

You say you want a Revolution…

Ever since I read M. Willis’s expansive and thoughtful rebranding of the New England Revolution, I’ve been contemplating what I’d do with the Revs’ branding if given the chance. I liked a lot of Willis’s thought process, but more than that it sparked my own imagination. So as an exercise I thought I’d try my own hand. This is going to be a lot shorter, but I’m still going to try to explain my reasoning and methods as best as I can. Hopefully it’s interesting, if nothing else. If you’re mostly just interested in the final outcome, just scroll to the bottom.

I love the Revolution, but from day one I’ve been unimpressed by their current crayon-style logo. And last year’s Patriots-themed (down to the pseudo-shoulder-pads) kits were a pretty big disappointment, visually and metaphorically.1 Still, I’m a Pats fan as well, and if it were toned down and the Revs allowed to grow and thrive on their own, I think I would cherish the connection, the shared theme, between my two favorite teams.

With this in mind, I set out to rebuild the Revs’ logo. I decided that unlike Willis, I wouldn’t change the name or basic identity of the team – I’d just try to solidify it, give it some dignity. I wanted to hypothetically pull the team out of the 90’s, out of the realm of struggling fifth-tier sport and into one of real, top-class professional athletes.

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