BeatriceNothing particularly exciting. Still trying to figure out exactly what Beatrice’s look is. Also, procrastinating on actually putting the rest of the story together. But it’s a good motivator. Every time I draw Beatrice, or Amit, or Edmund, I get more excited to work on the book. What do y’all think?

New art!

Hair guyJust a sketch. This is a guy I truly saw. I drew him like a week later, though. So don’t quote me. But look at this guy. His hair stuck out probably at least three, four inches in front of his nose. It was a sight to behold. I tried to draw him from profile, but I failed. Sorry!

If you’re curious, the guy was (by my best guess) South Asian, perhaps Middle Eastern. He looked so stern for someone with such a wonderfully overstated coiffure!

DICK! all outta luck

DICK was my senior project at SCAD. Everything, from character design and storyboarding, through modeling, texturing, animation, post-production and sound design (even the music) was done by me over the course of two quarters. I won’t make excuses for its shortcomings, but I’m still proud of what I managed to accomplish single-handedly.


Con*fused is a webcomic I started when I was fifteen. I don’t update it much anymore, but I haven’t officially abandoned it yet, either. I post new comics when I have a worthwhile new idea. There are some funny things in the archives, I think, and it’s also interesting to see how much my drawing ability changed over the course of the years where I was working on Con*fused the most.

Parker’s Boatyard

I worked closely with Parker’s Boatyard to design and build a fully-customizable, WordPress-based, website that could be updated and modified at the press of a button. The aesthetic was based on the traditional nautical design elements of the boatyard and its clients.