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You say you want a revolution…

Ever since I read M. Willis’s expansive and thoughtful rebranding of the New England Revolution, I’ve been contemplating what I’d do with the Revs’ branding if given the chance. I liked a lot of Willis’s thought process, but more than that it sparked my own imagination. So as an exercise I thought I’d try my own hand. This is going to be a lot shorter, but I’m still going to try to explain my reasoning and methods as best as I can. Hopefully it’s interesting, if nothing else. If you’re mostly just interested in the final outcome, just scroll to the bottom.

I love the Revolution, but from day one I’ve been unimpressed by their current crayon-style logo. And last year’s Patriots-themed (down to the pseudo-shoulder-pads) kits were a pretty big disappointment, visually and metaphorically. 1 Still, I’m a Pats fan as well, and if it were toned down and the Revs allowed to grow and thrive on their own, I think I would cherish the connection, the shared theme, between my two favorite teams.

With this in mind, I set out to rebuild the Revs’ logo. I decided that unlike Willis, I wouldn’t change the name or basic identity of the team – I’d just try to solidify it, give it some dignity. I wanted to hypothetically pull the team out of the 90’s, out of the realm of struggling fifth-tier sport and into one of real, top-class professional athletes.



  1. The team has a hard time fighting its reputation as the Pats’ shunned step-brother, and the Krafts have recently done little to prove otherwise.

Quick sketch of me trying to stretch. It’s a cartoon – I…

Quick sketch of me trying to stretch. It’s a cartoon – I can touch my toes. It’s a struggle, perhaps, but I can at least do that.

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a…

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a dodgeball.”

I really need to work on my skill with likeness. This was a quick little thing I put together for work, but which ended up not getting used because probably people wouldn’t get the reference without explanation.

I actually really enjoy this movie. It’s funny, and it’s got some heart.

I drew Ron Swanson, who is awesome. Then Nate Bellegarde did it…

I drew Ron Swanson, who is awesome.

Then Nate Bellegarde did it so much better. And I wept openly for several minutes, then refreshed Facebook.

Nathan Drake 2. This is after I looked him up. I didn’t…

Nathan Drake 2. This is after I looked him up. I didn’t really try as far as the face goes. But there’s a little uncanny-valley stuff going on with the faces in that game anyway. Also, my likeness skills aren’t great.