Sketchbook (on Flickr)

Daily Sketch 2014.04.24: Observation Sketch of the Day 2014.04.22: Bruin Daily Sketch 2014.04.04: Clock Guard Daily Sketch 2014.04.03: Mr Incredible Daily Sketch 2014.04.02: The Tube Top Kit Daily Sketch 2014.04.01: Edmund Tumble Daily Sketch 14.03.31: Self Portrait José Gonçalves Wolverine Voldemort & Nagini Superman Superheroine Jelen Catch The Rocketeer Forgetful Robot Rat Polyphemus Old Guy Wizard Jacked Martin the Warrior Major League Some trees Provence Hipster Chick Hanging from a plane Hand Pet W Joey Gangster Femme Fatale Fat Guy Dragon Dancing Girl Cowgirl Courtroom Drama Beauty and the Beast Batman Alcoholic A tourist Kip Liberty vs Monster

Illustration (on Flickr)

Cyclops Wolverine Superman Stephen Fat Stephen Space Cadet Parachute Head Orc Norway Savings Bank Mr Fantastic Homage Self-Portrait Progress Self-Portrait Self-Portrait Abandoned Character Jeremy Hero Dick DICK! Pinup 2 DICK! Pinup 1 Obese Jogger Ben & Brownie Beard Beard Rapunzel

Concept and Characters (on Flickr)

Edmund Tumble Tree Monster Bad Guy Theodore Nikola Tesla Giant Robot Hover-Pod Sample Storyboard Civil War Ghost Fyodor Pravda Edmund Tumble Dick Character Lineup Casa Tesla beatrice-tumble Beatrice Beatrice Beatrice with Mechanical Arms Beatrice with a bat Adventure Girl

Fine Art (on Flickr)

Headless Self-Portrait Diptych Diptych, Panel 2 Diptych, Panel 1

New comic!

First comic for Confused in over four years. That’s right! It’s not dead! It’s just been resting its eyes. Don’t worry, though, it’s just a little rant about sports. I just got a Cintiq; I’m trying to get back into the hang of purposeful, consistent drawing. Sketched this in Photoshop, “inked” it in Illustrator (fiddling with some of the path fitting settings partway through), brought it back to PS to color/letter it. Maybe that’s not the ideal workflow.

Hopefully as the sketching comes back, so will the comics, and eventually, the comedy. Bear with me.


Me in a Revs JerseyJust a quick self-portrait-y cartoon I sketched the other day in celebration of the beginning of MLS’s season. Unfortunately, my New England Revolution has a bye this weekend, so I don’t get to pose like this for at least another week. I didn’t draw the sponsor logo (United Healthcare) on the front because I didn’t feel like it – it’s narrow white text and this was a quick sketch for fun.


BeatriceNothing particularly exciting. Still trying to figure out exactly what Beatrice’s look is. Also, procrastinating on actually putting the rest of the story together. But it’s a good motivator. Every time I draw Beatrice, or Amit, or Edmund, I get more excited to work on the book. What do y’all think?

New art!

Hair guyJust a sketch. This is a guy I truly saw. I drew him like a week later, though. So don’t quote me. But look at this guy. His hair stuck out probably at least three, four inches in front of his nose. It was a sight to behold. I tried to draw him from profile, but I failed. Sorry!

If you’re curious, the guy was (by my best guess) South Asian, perhaps Middle Eastern. He looked so stern for someone with such a wonderfully overstated coiffure!

Saër Sène #39

Saër SèneWhile waiting for my girlfriend to get out of a meeting, I did this quick 20-30-minute sketch of Saër Sène, #39 for the New England Revolution. You can see the reference photo, which I pulled up through google images on my phone, here. I feel like I achieved moderate success, for a quick sketch. What do you think?

As a (blindingly) white male, I grew up drawing white males, and white women who looked like white males, but probably had some taped-on, lumpy female features. I’ve also been, for a while, really bad at achieving likeness. I really need to do more of these sketches to broaden my range and improve my likeness abilities.