Vulgar, Dirty and Wrong

Linda Holmes at NPR:

The MPAA will allow you more leeway with non-sexual “brief nudity” than sexual “brief nudity,” a guideline that amounts to viewing a scene where a man walks toward a half-dressed woman with a gun and telling a teenager, “Well, if he shoots her, that’s fine, but if they start making out, please cover your eyes.” A PG-13 movie’s nudity can’t be “sexually oriented,” but its violence is okay unless it’s both realistic and “extreme or persistent.” It may be right and it may be wrong to be more troubled as a parent by sexual nudity than realistic (but not extreme or persistent!) violence, but it is not objective; it stands in judgment of the relative inappropriateness of a headless woman and a topless one.

Have I mentioned recently how thoroughly I enjoy Holmes and NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast? Gosh.

What do you think?

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