Michael Moran addresses the backlash to Kony 2012

Moran at Slate:

[T]oo tight a focus on the “objectivity” of the Kony 12 video risks giving “equal time” to a group that deserves no such favor.

It’s been amazing how quick the Kony 12 campaign spread across all of my social networks and news sources, and more amazing how quickly the criticism came after it. I think Moran addresses the whole thing very well – there’s more to any issue than a web video is likely to be able to show you, and criticism based around such  arguments misses the point. There’s a lot more to discuss regarding the LRA in Uganda and elsewhere, but where was the discussion before this video?

On a less serious note, “Kony Baloney” is probably the best title this article could have had.

What do you think?

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