Zach Holman: Women Should Do Startups

Zach Holman: Women Should Do Startups

I don’t follow the exploits of Penelope Trunk, but it seems that every time I’m forced to encounter something she’s written, I’m further supported in my belief that she is obnoxious and not worth anyone’s time. I have trouble thinking of a time that she’s caused me to think, “Hey, that’s reasonable and intelligent.” She strikes me as a pseudo-feminist blowhard, and every blog post title I ever see from her seems to inevitably follow the formula of,“DON’T [something everyone says you should do]”. So I try to ignore her as best I can, and go about my own business.

But I came across Zach Holman’s blog again today, and this time took the time to browse through it. I quickly realized that I should add it to my Google Reader. His latest entry is a rebuttal of another silly, traffic-bait headline (and its accompanying silliness) from Trunk, and I love it. Exemplified in this quote (which I think addresses a lot of Trunk’s junk):

Pro tip: if you ever see an argument disparaging both raising awareness and presenting solutions, then something is wrong with the argument.

What do you think?

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