Writing Maladies? Part II

Writing Maladies, Part II

Nathan Bransford:

“We are hearty warriors! Let us share a hearty chuckle! Ha ha ha!” Pentrarch said.
There was a glint in Lentwendon’s eye as he took a swill from a mighty cistern of ale. He bellowed a deep laugh and clapped his friend on the back.
“I say,” Pentrarch said, “What is it about fantasy novels that lends itself to such stilted, manly camaraderie? Do we not have normal interactions?”
“We do not,” Lentwendon said, his voice suddenly grave.

This, along with part one, is not just observant (which I’ve come to expect from Brnasford), it’s pretty well-executed and caused me to genuinely laugh a few times. It’s a simple concept, but he lampoons these style problems very well without entirely caricaturizing them.

What do you think?

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