The Art of Animation

The Art of Animation

This Tumblr showcases what seems like (I haven’t counted) dozens of really, really great illustrations every day. I don’t exactly know the rationale behind the title – there’s nothing animated about the images featured, and few of them seem to related to any sort of animated … feature – but it’s an excellent source of inspiration, and I’d urge anyone who likes creativity and adventure to check it out.

I’ve been surprised to find that it hasn’t really inspired me to sketch or cartoon more. Instead, I find that every time I check the feed, I’m overcome with the urge to work on writing Amazing Science. The site serves as a constant reminder that, as much as I’ve developed my characters, and as much as I care about them, the thing that started me on Beatrice’s whole story was adventure. And the more I get bogged down in the backstory, the more I seem to forget the excitement of Beatrice’s travels and the original joy I felt in creating and experiencing all of the strange things in her world – all of the bizarre creatures and impossible environments.

I don’t regret developing my characters. I’m so excited about them. But now, I find that once again I’m just as excited about the world they’re going to inhabit.


  • Trout says:

    I found a really cool site that I can’t remember the name of now, but it was mostly about the background plates of older cell animated movies. I particularly remember the stuff from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” being really awesome.

    I’ll track down the site and e-mail it to you.

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