It’s Only Homework If You Read Shit Books

It’s Only Homework If You Read Shit Books

DC Pierson:

And I know it feels like homework to you.  I’m sorry your formative experiences with the written word were ones of drudgery instead of ones of joy.  I’m sorry the only messages about reading being magical you ever got were from wholesome public television hosts, intoned the same way as don’t-do-drugs-or-have-sex-ever messages, so once you got a little older you could reject those messages outright for their super-square packaging, missing the underlying truth, which is that if you let it, reading is this awesome subversive conspiracy between your brain and the brain of someone else who very well might be dead.

The first half, or three-quarters of this thing are brilliant. Then he starts ranting about irony, and I feel like it’s a reference to something I don’t get – something to do with hipsters, I assume. But I don’t know. This guy is pretty smart, though, and definitely very funny. I original heard about him from Derrick Comedy, which put out Mystery Team and also starred the now-deservedly-well-known Donald Glover, of Community and Childish Gambino.

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