Soccer and Me

I grew up in Maine, raised as a Patriots fan. I supported the other regional teams, but mostly only in principle. But I’m not blogging about other sports, so never mind all that. This is just a sort of justification for what I’m about to tell you:

I’m a New England Revolution supporter. I’m a new one, having only started really paying attention in the last year or so. From what I gather, the Revs used to be a pretty impressive team, even if they never brought home that cup. I appear to have come in just as almost all of the heroes have left, and been stuck with this rag-tag bunch of strangers, and the shame of supporting one of the league’s lowest-performing clubs.

More than that, I’m pretty new to soccer. Sure, I played it sometime in elementary school (or was it middle school?), but whatever I learned back then has long-since been filed away permanently somewhere far out of reach. So, watching the World Cup last summer, I basically learned the game from scratch. I’ve read books to catch up, watched whatever games I could, and talked to people who know much more than I do, and often I still find myself in over my head. But sometimes, I feel like coming into this game without the baggage of a childhood with soccer, or a long history supporting clubs all around the world, gives me the advantage of a unique viewpoint.

This viewpoint is probably – at times – horribly, horribly mistaken. But that’s why it’s a blog. I’m thinking that maybe if I put it out there, people will read it, and respond. Maybe sometimes I’ll have something to offer, and maybe sometimes I’ll learn something myself.

Whatever happens, it’s likely to be about the Revs, because I’m a huge homer, so … keep that in mind.

What do you think?

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